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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries and departments can do an internship?
EC Iberia Group has many years of cooperation with  most prestigious companies in many countries and has become a professional in career counseling between students and companies in Europe. 
We have agreement&collaboration 450+ hotels and 200+ different companies and universities  in Europe in Spain, Italy and Portugal.
We are able to offer internship opportunities for each department.

Who can participate to this internship program?
Students aged between 18-35 years who studies at university currently or just fresh graduated can benefit from this program.

What is the duration of the internship program?
The minimum internship duration in the internship program is 2 months and the maximum internship period is 6 months. Tourism internship programme is for minimum 3 months period.

What is the duration of the internship application?
You can realize your internship any time of the year. However, student with Erasmus Programme always must consult to their own university to decide about avalaible dates.

Do I have to speak the language of the country I go?
You do not have to know the language of the country you will realize the internship programme. The internship companies are well-known establishments and will be sufficient  an intermediate level of English.

What is the internship application process?
Students must apply our internship programmes via application form that is presented at our webpage or sending an email with professional CV(Europass Format) presenting exact dates of internship and field.
After receiving the application, the student will be informed about the companies, country and conditions within 48 hours.
Once our student accepts the conditions, registration process and other processes will be began. Official invitation letter, official documents, erasmus documents to be given to the student are delivered to the student within one week at the latest just after the registration moment.

Why should I choose EC IBERIA GROUP?
EC IBERIA GROUP, is one the the career advisor leading company in Europe with over 10 years of experiences who has multi-lingual staff working and professionalized just in one field; internship abroad.
Already offered successfully internship programmes to  more than 2,000 students in 10 years in many fields.
EC IBERIA GROUP has legal natioal representative  autorization of many famous companies and agencies such as; Renault Factory Portugal, BMW and Mercedes Offices in Portugal, Museums in Italy, and much more!

The companies we work with are well-known companies around the world and the contribution of our students to their careers is indisputable.

If you want to keep up with the globalizing world, start your career with an internship in an international  company and learn new cultures;


Just contact us!

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